about the brothers:

Brother Oliver is a musical project formed by two brothers, Andrew & Stephen Oliver. The brothers have made their way with high energy performances through the lens of a folk-rock / psych-rock aesthetic. Brother Oliver has been picking up steam in the Southeast since their arrival, winning over fans with engaging and intuitive musical presentations that strike a chord with any audience.

The band was started in 2011 in the small town of Greenville, Michigan — where the brothers were born and raised.  Just two years later, they moved to Greenville, South Carolina as a result of 20-year-old angst and longings for change. Upon arrival, Andrew (the eldest of the two) opened a small recording studio where they would write and record their first record, Stubborn Foolin 2013. The band is currently preparing for the release of their 3rd full-length record, which is to be unveiled summer of 2017. 


"Their music is dark, honest and insightful and certainly will grow to be a powerful force . . . they are light years ahead of where they should be at this stage of the game." 

- Brett Barest, Anderson Independent

"Brother Oliver naturally embodies that sort of Old Soul intrigue and perspective."

- Ouch That Hertz!

"Whether their music and lyrics are straightforward or a bit enigmatic, Brother Oliver wants to be able to reach listeners in a personal way." 

- Leena Dbouk, Spartanburg Herald Journal

"[Brother Oliver] showcases both their knack for melody and penchant for blending genres."

- Treble Magazine


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