Brother Oliver is a South Carolina-based musical project formed by two brothers, Andrew & Stephen Oliver. The brothers deliver high-energy performances through the lens of a folk-rock / psych-rock aesthetic—a genre they've officially coined as "psychedelic folk-rock." The band's explorative approach to music strikes a chord with any audience and has rapidly gained recognition in the Southeast and abroad.

The project was started in 2011 in the small town of Greenville, Michigan — where the brothers were born and raised.  Just two years later, they moved to Greenville, South Carolina as a result of 20-year-old angst and longings for change. Upon arrival, Andrew (the eldest of the two) opened a small recording studio where they would write and record their first record, Stubborn Foolin 2013. Brother Oliver has since released their self-titled full-length record, Brother Oliver, which has been regarded as highly innovative in the world of folk rock music. 

Featured in the Free Time's Best of South Carolina Music 2017


"Brother Oliver delivers an explosive combination of grit and intellectualism."


"Brother Oliver inject a furious energy into their sound that balances with the meticulous beauty of their colorful, emotionally potent music." 


“[Brother Oliver] seeps into your veins with their catchy melodies before you realize what hits you.”


"[Brother Oliver] showcases both their knack for melody and penchant for blending genres."



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